By: Tanya Young and Mackenzie DeFoney

As the war on COVID-19 continues well into the year with no clear end in sight, the entire world faces pressure financially, mentally, and physically. Among those most affected by the current circumstances are those in the medical field.

“I think there’s definitely some…

Black Lives Matter Sees Huge Spike In Web Searches

Black Lives Matter v.s. All Lives Matter

Civil rights organization and social movement, Black Lives Matter, experienced a huge spike in web searches following the death of black American, George Floyd on May 25th, 2020. Throughout the past 12 months, Black Lives Matter shared similar traffic as searches for “All Lives Matter” and “Make America Great Again”…

Illinois Governor, Pat Quinn, joins student leaders in discussion on issues with pension reforms affecting current and future college students.

Editor’s note: This story was originally posted on Dec. 12, 2012 and is housed at

By Bob Smith

Gov. Pat Quinn visited DePaul University’s Loop campus on Wednesday to…

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